The Story of Solsona Swim

Pronounced “Sohl-Sohnaa” The name Solsona, in Spanish, means sun coming from within us.

I’m Rowdah, designer and founder of Solsona.

Growing up with an insatiable love for the sandy shores and the golden embrace of the sun's rays. Childhood memories of family picnics at Coogee beach come rushing back, where my cousins and I would sneak away to the shoreline, riding waves while the rest of the family lounged on the grass. Those moments carved a lifelong affinity for the ocean's allure. Not long after, my older sisters began taking me to the beach with them during the summers, and we would spend the entire day there, from sunrise to sunset. We would hop from one beach to another every day, visiting places like Bronte, Maroubra, Camp Cove, La-Perouse, Manly, and the list goes on. Now, I am reliving the same wonderful experiences from my childhood with my daughter. When summertime arrives, you can easily find us at the beach, constructing intricate sandcastles and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

In 2010, during my Malaysia honeymoon, I visited Sunway Lagoon theme park with a unique dress code: modest swimwear. I bought a one-piece swimsuit with an attached skirt from the park's store, which I loved and later wore in Sydney. Strangers of all body types admired it and inquired about its origin. This sparked the realisation of an underserved market. This experience inspired me to consider creating a line of stylish yet modest swimwear, meeting the needs of women who value both fashion and comfort. This encounter planted the seed for a venture that aimed to empower women's confidence and choices.

Undergoing a lifestyle transition, I made the choice to shift away from wearing bikinis. Instead, I embraced a more conservative approach, crafting unique swim ensembles that combined lycra skirts and assorted one-piece swimsuits sourced from various retailers. During certain summers, I even delved into sewing my own swim skirts and dresses. Rejecting the notion of unflattering board shorts or oversized t-shirts, I curated stylish swimwear combinations that not only exuded confidence and empowerment but also evoked happiness. This personal journey sparked the realisation that establishing a brand was a compelling venture. I deeply desired to impart the same sense of satisfaction to other women, firmly believing that no one should feel compelled to compromise due to a preference for modesty.

My swimwear venture was delayed as I worked full-time in a global elevator company. Fast forward 12 years, post the birth of my 5-year-old daughter, the realisation dawned – it was time to prioritise my dream. This led to the birth of Solsona Swimwear, where style meets modesty. Our designs cater to those valuing coverage and sun-consciousness. At Solsona Swim, we firmly believe that feeling good starts with looking good – a sentiment every woman deserves to embrace.

In 2018, I picked up a pencil and breathed life into my designs. Sketch after sketch, I crafted the blueprint for my dream collection, guided by a passion that had finally found its wings. With no prior design experience, the journey ahead seemed uncertain, but fate intervened. A skilled designer joined my journey, breathing life into my concepts and transforming them into tech packs. The road to today has been anything but smooth—four rounds of sampling, collaborations with multiple designers, design revisions, and manufacturing partnerships spanning Bali, Turkey, and China. Each twist and turn brought its own lessons, but obstacles couldn't extinguish the fire of determination that burned within me.

Nothing brings me greater joy than the realisation that I can provide something to women, enabling them to feel empowered. While I certainly encounter both business and personal challenges, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity for growth and to share these improvements with the Solsona women. What holds importance is the understanding that women of all body shapes and ages, from various parts of the world, are embracing their identities with our swimwear. This reality only deepens my enthusiasm and dedication to both my entrepreneurial pursuits and my personal mission: crafting distinctive and feminine swimwear that instills empowerment in every woman. Solsona represents swimwear that seamlessly accompanies you on any journey, tailored to the uniqueness of every woman.

Rowdah x